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Here's what some people are saying about The Resurrectionist. 

Book Viral--A deliriously enjoyable and addictive science fiction comedy, Adams does nothing by halves and the The Resurrectionist is recommended without reservation.

Readers' Favorite, 5 Stars--The Resurrectionist is a fast-paced and well-imagined work that is sure to please readers of diverse fiction. 

Readers' Favorite, 5 Stars--A bounty of humor, a fast-paced story with unpredictable twists, and the precision with which Ben Adams lays bare human nature come together to create a story that’s satisfyingly complex while also ridiculously entertaining.
Here's what some people are saying about The Enigmatologist.

As The Page Turns "If you like quirky stories, then you'll enjoy this book."

"Vividly imaginative and unassumingly assured, The Enigmatologist proves to be a gem of a debut for Ben Adams."

Five Stars on Reader's Favorite "...unique and extremely imaginative and humorous."

Five Stars on Just Reviews [Warning: Contains Spoilers]

Five Stars from J Bronder Book Reviews "This story has everything and had me hooked from the very begginning..."

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