Ben Adams


Ben Adams spent 15 years as a professional musician before rediscovering his love for writing. An accomplished vibraphonist, he has recorded in numerous contexts as a leader and sideman. His quintet album, “Old Thoughts for a New Day,” received serious attention, remaining in the Jazz radio top 40 for three months. His music attracted the attention of jazz legend Grachan Moncur III. Adams’ quintet was Moncur’s back up band on Moncur’s release, “Inner Cry Blues.” Fortunately, both CDs are still available online. In 2009, Adams decided to make a career change and focus solely on writing fiction, his first love, and no longer performs.






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Thank you for checking out my music page. My time as a professional musician was incredibly fun, challenging and fulfilling. Those years spent practicing and performing continue to influence my life and writing. Above are only two of the recordings I've done. But I feel they represent where I was musically when I decided to get back into writing, which was at a pretty high place. Feel free to follow the links and listen to some samples. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks again.-Ben